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Factory Cart Restoration

Step by Step Instructions Now Available!                                                                                         

factory cart restoration

This timely and helpful manual will guide you through every step of your Factory Cart Restoration.

Written by Wayne S. Walker, a life long master woodworker, and a professional factory cart restoration expert – his easy to follow plans will provide inside knowledge on exactly how this work is done.

The manual, offered in a convenient PDF format, can be downloaded instantly from this site.

Preview the Restoration Manual

We also offer it with a kit that includes a total package of replacement hardware  including an original Lineberry  re-usable lettering Stencil which will assure you of professional results. The kits are in stock and are shipped to you within 24 hours of your order, via US Postal Service Priority Mail.

Included with the Cart Restoration Kit purchase are the following:

How to Restore a Factory Cart (manual PDF format)

Original Lineberry replacement hardware (see order page for entire list)

Lineberry lettering stencil (to replicate the original factory lettering)


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factory cart restoration


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