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Factory Cart Restoration Methods

Learn How to Restore a Factory Cart Step by Step!

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The Growing Interest in Factory Cart Restoration, and How You Can Learn to Do it Yourself

Many people have discovered the enjoyment of Factory Cart Restoration over the past few years. Due to the closure of many older factories and the resulting supply of factory carts available on the market, it is easier to acquire these sturdy and fascinating antiques. They are now used for coffee tables, storage platforms, patio furniture, and eclectic furniture.

The benefit of factory cart restoration includes the re-purposing of a piece of our country’s history that might otherwise be destined to the scrap heap. The idea that it is now a “green” idea to restore these beautiful old factory carts into something new and wonderfully use-able is fantastic.

This is an idea whose time has come. With an ample supply of factory carts, including such names as Lineberry, Nuttig and others, it is easier than ever to find one that suits you perfectly. Although there are many retail suppliers, a lot of do-it-yourselfers are now saving some money and enjoying the fun of restoring their own factory cart.

This is where enters the picture. We have been restoring factory carts for a very long time. In that time our methods and techniques have been honed to some of the best in the business. After restoring hundreds of factory carts in a production setting, there are many things learned to produce a quality job. We have specialized in the Lineberry factory carts because we believe them to be some of the better looking available. However our methods can be applied to any other brand.

In order to simplify your factory cart restoration job, and assure you of excellent results, we have produced an instruction manual. The title is How to Restore a Factory Cart. In this easy to follow guide, we take you through each important step.

If it’s not enough that we supply all the carefully established professional secrets, we offer you products and supplies that you will need to accomplish top notch results. Factory cart restoration has never been so easy and our restoration kits provide many of the parts and supplies that are very difficult or impossible to find otherwise.

Take a look at our How To page for the most economical solution to your factory cart restoration project. 

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Authentic Lineberry Foundry & Furniture Factory Cart

A piece of American history!!! This cart is an early 1900′s industrial original manufactured by the Lineberry Foundry & Furniture Co. The founder of these wonderful carts was a man by the name of Charles Francis Lineberry. He was born on March 15th, 1878 in Randolph, NC. For most of Lineberry’s life he operated a foundry. It was in the early 1900′s that he started the Lineberry Foundry & Furniture Co. in North Wilkesboro, NC.

 The Great Industrial Revolution began during the turn of the 20th century and brought on massive changes to our country. Products and textiles rapidly went from being slowly hand crafted, to being mass produced in a fraction of the time. The Factory cart was used in factories all over America to move textiles, materials and parts around the factory floors. History is faithfully preserved in these wonderful old workhorse factory carts. These factory carts are a celebration of our nation’s industrial past and the workers who built this country. Each one of these factory carts is a piece of our national history, a true icon of the 20th century.

 Who would have ever imagined these Lineberry factory carts would be called back to use as interesting and fashionable furniture in our homes? The antique beauty of these factory carts used as coffee tables is really amazing after a thorough professional restoration.

 About the Lineberry Factory Cart

I am offering for sale various Lineberry factory cart models as shown in the listing photographs. The size of the Lineberry cart is 52″ in length 27″ Wide and 16″ tall, weighing 175 lbs… The hardware corners and wheels are all original forged cast iron.

The original factory carts were constructed primarily using Red and White Oak Hardwoods. Some others hardwoods were also used in the original construction such as Black Oak, Maple, Birch Hickory Ash, and even Hard Longleaf Pine. It really made no difference in the performance of the carts. One hardwood is as good as the other all being durable. Sometimes certain species are not always available especially over a 100 years ago when than were much fewer companies around that were capable of sawing and processing hardwood lumber.  

Factory cart coffee tables exude a rustic charm

These remarkably beautiful wood factory cart coffee tables exude with a rustic charm that would surely enhance any traditional home design.  If you sought an attractive rare look in your living room area, I definitely highly recommend these solid wood factory cart coffee tables.  How ever for those who want to accomplish total distinctiveness and exceptionality, then a factory cart coffee table in all-natural pine is the perfect alternative.

The dual characteristics with the Lineberry factory cart coffee table redux are, when you consider it, similar to the dual nature of one’s family area.  While in the living space, you relax as much as you entertain, enjoy movies and programs as much as you take naps, read and work as often as you enjoy video games with your family.  It’s a room of repurpose, and it’s a good idea to develop it surrounding this repurposed, refurbished vintage factory cart, one time utilized to carry materials and today beautifully intended to support just about every activity of one’s busy daily life.

It truly is a real conversation piece and would actually look terrific with any type sofa.  It will blend in beautifully with every other wood finish!  It possesses a rewarding rich natural patina from many years of use. These factory cart coffee tables may bring to your home memories of old era having its vintage looks.

It is really an authentic wood factory cart having its authentic forged iron wheels and corner brackets.  The worn and aged solid wood boards on the top give the cart amazing character, offering us a glimpse of its real historical past.  The front and rear trolley wheels display the manufacturers brand in the forged iron hardware.  The warm oak body of the factory cart coffee table provides a mature epoch look to the home, which makes them ideal accessories for just about any home with traditional design


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